Willem van Holstein retires after 52 years

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After 52 years, Willem van Holstein will officially retire in March and will leave the management team of Holstein Flowers. He hands over his position to his son Ed van Holstein. This doesn't mean that Willem will definitively stop his activities. He will continue to focus on the breeding of gerberas within our company.

At the time, Willem started breeding gerberas as a hobby. “We soon had a few nice varieties,” he remembers. “Our first varieties were 'Maria and 'Yvonne', a white and a pink large-flowered gerbera. We expanded quickly and developed more and more of our own varieties, which we sold worldwide. Today, Holstein Flowers is a specialist in breeding gerberas. In our own breeding department, we develop new gerbera varieties every year in special colors, shapes, size or improved quality."

Willem can look back on good times in which he saw the company grow into a leading player in the gerbera world. A time full of highlights such as the opening of its own laboratory and the many innovations that the company has implemented over the years. The company also introduced the spherical gerberas as one of the first growers. Willem: “I am confident about the future. We will continue to do what we are good at and I will be monitoring things a bit in the background. ”

The management team of Holstein Flowers is now formed by Leo, Tom, Mathieu, Hans, Paul and Ed van Holstein. Everyone within the team has their own responsibilities. With this renewal, the management is ready for the future.