Breeding gerberas

Holstein Flowers is not only a grower but also a breeder. We create gerberas ourselves in new colours, shapes, sizes or improved quality. Unique types with which our customers can really distinguish themselves. Holstein Flowers has been active in the field of breeding since 1974. Today we are specialists in this field. We have our own breeding department, Holstein Select, where we develop the gerberas of the future. We breed no less than 85% of our production varieties ourselves. This makes us a very interesting party for our customers, because they find exclusive varieties with us that are not available anywhere else.

Search for gerbera perfection

Breeding a new gerbera species is an intensive process. It all starts with selecting a strong father plant and mother plant. We apply the pollen from one plant to the other with a small brush. What follows is a process of extensive testing, assessment and selection. Breeding a new gerbera takes around three to five years. Has the flower proven to be a success on all criteria? And is it really an added value for the current collection? Then it deserves a place in our assortment. We are in close contact with our customers. Because they know better than anyone what the market needs.


We breed and propagate new gerbera varieties in our own laboratory. This is a comprehensive process in which our experts work very carefully. In the test room we check whether the newcomers meet our high requirements in terms of decorative value, firmness and vase life. Is this the case? Only then does the newcomer deserve a place in our "Wall of Fame". With all these facilities in-house, we can optimally control the entire process from breeding to point of sale.