Leo van Holstein retires

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Leo van Holstein is stepping down as managing director of Holstein Flowers after 48 years. His son Hans van Holstein will take over from him. This does not mean that Leo will stop completely. He will continue to deal with various general tasks for the time being.

As commercial and general manager, Leo was the face of the company for many years. He joined his father's company in 1974, where vegetables were grown at the time. The younger generation changed this and switched to growing and breeding gerbera. Holstein Flowers now grows more than 140 different gerbera varieties in all shapes and sizes on almost 11 hectares.

In addition to his work at Holstein Flowers, Leo was active in many areas of the industry. He was a member of all kinds of general and cultivation-oriented committees and played an active role in various committees within flower auction Royal FloraHolland.

Leo looks back on a great time in which he saw Holstein Flowers grow into a leading nursery in the gerbera world. Leo: "As a company we have had many great highlights, such as the opening of location Bastille in 2003, equipped with a mobile cultivation gutter system, and in 2012 the reopening of location Futura, equipped according to The New Cultivation. But our 75th anniversary in 2021 was very special. I am very proud of what we have achieved together as a family business. It is with all confidence that I hand over the my tasks to the next generation."

From now on, the management team of Holstein Flowers will be formed by Tom, Mathieu, Hans, Paul and Ed van Holstein. Together, they will face the future with confidence, enthusiasm and passion.

Leo van Holstein retires