Holstein Flowers

We have gerberas in our DNA

Gerberas are classics in the ornamental flower range. They are everything a flower must be. A beautiful creation by Mother Nature. And Holstein Flowers’ great passion. We have been growing and breeding gerberas for more than four decades and a family business we are even longer, since 1946, which ensures a maximum involvement in the gerbera cultivation. At every stage of the process, from breeding to packing.

An innovative specialist in gerberas

Innovation has always been a driving force for us. It has made it what we are today: the specialist in gerberas. We know all about the classics of the range as well as of the specialities. This mix is what makes Holstein Flowers unique. Our clients can choose from a complete range of gerberas, of different colours and concepts, but always recognisable by the high quality and distinctive species.

Modern facilities and craftsmanship

We have more than a hundred varieties at our two locations in De Lier, eighty percent of which come from own breeding. They were selected based on their added value in the area of cultivation performance, range and sustainability. And produced with the latest technologies to ensure year-round high level production. The state of the art technology still goes hand in hand with craftsmanship, with four decades of but mainly with passion. Passion for gerbera cultivation.

Our mission and vision

Holstein Flowers’ ambition is to be the all-round gerbera specialist. We offer our clients an one-stop shopping service with a complete range of high quality gerberas, including unique and exclusive varieties. Because that is the strength of a supplier such as Holstein Flowers: a grower and a breeder in one.

As a breeder, we are always on the look-out for species with added value: in the area of cultivation performance, range and sustainability. This enables us to quickly anticipate market developments and incorporate them into our range and to constantly stay up-to-date. By focusing on innovation we can maintain our prominent position in the long term.

We are both a supplier and partner to our clients. In this role, we control and manage all aspects that come into play: range, freshness, reliability, flexibility, service and transparency. We also want to be visible further down the chain, by inspiring florists to go the extra mile with the presentation and use of gerberas.

And last but not least: we are used taking responsibility. Not only for the environment and society, but also for our employees. We want to be a good employer for them who gives people room for personal growth.

Company movie

Selection and breeding as pillars for gerbera success

Forty years ago, Holstein Flowers started its breeding activities. Nowadays, we are a specialist in this field. We have our own breeding department, Holstein Select, which is the ‘breeding ground’ for our gerbera species of the future.

Breeder and grower in one

The strength of Holstein Flowers? We combine our breeding and cultivation activities. Thanks to this, we have a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of our species. We also know exactly what the market finds important. Therefore, we breed our gerberas with the requirements of the market in mind. We focus on durability, other colours or colour combinations, or a special shape. But we always make sure that the species add value to our range.

Own lab and test room

Holstein Flowers has its own lab and test room. By keeping research facilities in house we manage to keep the lines of communication short. This enables us to respond to market demands without being dependent on third parties. In our test room we check if the new and existing species meet our high standards regarding ornamental value and durability. The test room also helps us to control and manage the entire process, from new hybrids to delivery to the florist!

Cooperation with Florist Holland

Holstein Flowers works together with Florist Holland. Our range is therefore globally available through Florist Holland. We are mutually supportive in the area of selection and breeding.

Holstein Flowers joins forces with third parties

Dutch floriculture became great by cooperating and knowledge sharing. We at
Holstein Flowers share this feeling. Therefore we participate in several alliances.

Premium Flowers is one of them. Together with seven other floriculture companies, which are aimed at top quality, we cooperate closely in the field of sales, and marketing and communication. We think that in doing so Premium Flowers will become a household name among our end customers, florists.

At Floral Fundamentals we pool our own expertise with the expertise of other floriculture companies. Goal: to give florists the means to distinguish themselves from their competition with supermarket outlets. And of course among the many others there will be highest quality gerberas!

Environmentally-friendly cultivation

Sustainability is important in any sector, also in floriculture. Holstein Flowers is a leader in this field. We breed our gerberas with a maximum use of plant protection products. We think it is only natural to take this responsibility, also for future generations.

MPS certified and member of Sedex

In present-day gerbera cultivation it is not yet possible to achieve 100% biological cultivation. However, we can choose to focus on achieving a maximum level of bio-friendly cultivation. We are MPS certified, MPS A+ and MPS GAP Qualified. As one of the cleanest producers of gerberas in the Netherlands, we monitor our plants for diseases and how we can prevent diseases, mainly by making use of natural enemies. This is a process that requires a lot of expertise. An optimum yield of bio-friendly cultivation naturally depends on a good balance between diseases and plant protection. Therefore, we have our own plant protection specialist.

Holstein Flowers is also a member of Sedex. This international organisation focusses on sustainability as a whole which is subdivided into four areas of attention: labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. For this, each company completes a declaration to uphold these aspects of sustainability. To English retailers, in particular, Sedex membership is important.

Add colour to your work!

Holstein Flowers is regularly in need of new personnel. We offer you a colourful job in a healthy company that takes good care of its employees. Working for our company is clean, safe and light. If you have talent and ambition, we can reward you with a healthy amount of responsibility. Do you have ideas on how to accelerate or improve our processes? We give you ample room for personal growth and a good salary. You will work in a team that helps each other out.