Gerpasta as a tribute to florist Emma McDonald

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Last year, the beautiful young florist Emma McDonald (29) sadly passed away❤️. A huge loss for her husband, two children and the UK floral industry. At Holstein Flowers, we could identify with the tragedy. We loved Alison Bradley’s (Floral Fundamentals) idea to name a gerbera after Emma🌸. So we did! We created a gerbera to remember this wonderful young woman. Emma was described as a “Larger-than-life character, feminine, with a twist of the unexpected” We think Gerpasta Emma fits this description perfectly. The gerberas were transported to Scotland and offered to Emma’s family and children. A huge thank you to Alison, Merel van den Burg and all others who helped make this possible! We hope you love this unique gerbera! Gerpasta ‘Emma’ is now available to order.

Tribute to florist Emma